Players are reminded of the HBA Match rules with respect to Matches Affected by Heat, Inclement Weather, or any other cause.


  1. Unless otherwise provided for in these rules, the HBA shall abide by any Bowls SA Heat & Inclement Weather Policy currently in force.
  2. A.  If on the evening prior to the day of play the temperature on the Bureau of Meteorology website is forecast to reach 38C (in the case of open gender events) or 36C (in the case of single gender ladies events) for Mt. Barker, then: 

(a)    All pennant matches, and

(b)    Any other event scheduled for that day shall be postponed, and rescheduled to another date, at the discretion of the HBA Executive Committee.

  B.  If at 7.00pm on the Tuesday evening prior to a scheduled Thursday of play, for a single gender ladies event, the forcast temperature for Mt Barker on the Bureau of Meteorology website is forcast to reach   36 degrees celsius then for all pennant matches, trial ends shall begin at 9.00am and play shall begin no later than 9.30am.

Furthermore, should the shade temperature at the venue reach or exceed 36 C at 9.30am or at any time after play has commenced, play shall cease at the compleation of ends underway. Should, in the opinion of the umpire, resumption not be possible within an hour of cessation the match shall be abandoned and either be:

                  (a)       awarded to the side which was leading at the time of cessation, or

                  (b)       declared a draw if the number of ends completed is insufficient for a result.

For all other matches being conducted by the HBA on such a day, the Executive will select a course of action.

3.  Notwithstanding any of these rules,

 (1) if the day scheduled for play is at any time deemed to be a Catastrophic Fire Danger   day across the Mount Lofty Ranges Fire District, play shall be abandoned.

 (2) the HBA Executive Committee have an overriding discretion to determine that   matches be abandoned.


Please click on the attached link to the BUREAU OF METEOROLOGY for the Mt. Barker weather forecast.